Aerial Work Platforms

Aerial work plaforms are the least expensive and most basic personnel lifts, frequesntly used for overhead maintenance work,cleaning and hanging signs or decorations. They're designed to lift one or two workers  (upto 750 lbs ) to heights of 12 to 40ft, yet they can still be rolled through a standard single or double doorway when stowed. Except for the Genie Runabout, these models are manually propelled - so one person can easily move them around the work area.

Capacity  : Upto 350 lbs ( 159 kg )

Platform Height : Upto 40 ft (12.29 m )

Weight : 660 -1130 lbs ( 299 - 513 kg )

Common Applications

Indoor construction,contractors,HVAC installation, schools,universities,churches,hospitals and shopping malls. Used for maintenance and cleaning, as well as work in light floor load areas such as gymnasiums, theatres and stages.



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