Compression Packings

James Walker’s constant advances in materials and lubricants, product design and manufacturing techniques, bring you compression packings tomatch your modern fluid handling systems  and your older plant.

  • Provide best value fluid sealing for your specific plant duties.

  • Range from state-of-the-art materials to natural yarns.

  • Work in the most abrasive and chemically aggressive environments.

  • Tolerate poor mechanical conditions with off-centre shafts or worn bearings.

  • Meet requirements for potable water, food, or fire-safe valve duties.

  • Reduce your stockholding levels, as one length-form packing can be used for many different valves, pumps and other fluid handling plant at a site.

  • Industries across the world rely on our packings to help keep their valves, pumps and other equipment operating efficiently day-in and day-out with Energy saving benefits and the minimum of fugitive emissions


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